Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wet Seal Feather Ear Buds

So once up on a time I bought these ear buds and took some pictures but.... never made a post

and now that I don't have a camera I thought HEY! why not post them :D

so here it is..

These beauties are feather earbuds by wet seal that I bough from TKMaxx in the UK but you can find them on wet seal's website though I'm not sure if they are still available since TKMaxx only stock items that were last season or hard to shift.

As you can see they are pretty amazing and bound to impress people ;) but the feather do move a lot and that sound is magnified since its so close to your ear and since no one can be completely still its quite annoying when you are jamming to your fav tunes :/

till next time 

C H I N A D O L L 


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