Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Maybelline New York Superstay24 DualEnd Lip Color

Hey everyone:)

I am going to review one of my fav lippies today because I have nothing else to do haha ;D

it is called Superstay24 DualEnd Lip Color by Maybelline New York in the shade 542 Cherry Pie ( just to tell you all I live in the UK so I don't know if this color is available worldwide- pretty sure it would be in the US though since Maybelline is American )

As you can see above it has two steps
1st is the colour 
2nd is the balm to lock in the colour 

It really is superstay :O as soon as I apply it I could feel it air drying and stick to my lips like a second skin but it wasn't irritating 

though it can get a bit sticky during the process so I would suggest you don't lock your upper and lower lips together like everyone tend to do when you apply lip products 

also it is pretty hard to remove if you make a mistake so be sure to use a lip liner before hand as you will not be able to just use your nail to scrape away any mistakes which I'm sure is what all you guys do too when you use a lipstick ;) and one other thing don't use this straight after lip balm or Vaseline cos it wouldn't stick to you and will get flaky.  

These pictures ^ were taken after a load of dancing walking and drinking at Weldon Fest so safe to say they will not budge once you wear it 

in fact it took me ages to get it off when I wanted to sleep and I ended up 'brushing' my lips when I was brushing my teeth to get it off ( basically you have to be prepared to exfoliate your lips when you use this baby otherwise its a heck of a lot of make up remover )

I have to warn you girls (+guys) with dry lips that if you tend to chew on your lips and you know that you might take skin off you will take the colour off and with other lip sticks you can just lock your lips or it will come off completely but with this it doesn't work first of all you will not be able to just completely take it off so you will have bits of red and bits of your natural lip colour as it will not blend together so yeah not attractive :/ If you know your someone with dry lips be sure to bring it with you so you can touch up if needed:) 

Superb staying power
really nice vibrant color
the balm locks in the color an gives a nice shine

hard to remove


get yours at your local drugstore e.g. boots or superdrug for UK £8.99

thanks for reading 


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