Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tsubasa Masuwaka Make Up Tips

Hi guys I found these really nice make up tips from the one and only Tsubasa so I thought I just have share it with you guys ^_~

This one is my fav and it is Juicy Girl Face

This is the Sweet Doll Face:)

So comment what you think of the tips and also which face you like best

also I just want to know which bottom lash you prefer the new no 13 or the original no 5??
(because I have a 300+followers giveaway soon so I want your opinion since it for you guys ^^)

Take care



  1. Thanks;)
    i've heard that the dolly wink mascara is quite good, maybe i will try this;)

  2. I loooove the juicy face one! I think I'll remake it one day ^_^

    ~ Babycakes


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