Sunday, 29 April 2012

Topshop Haul + Possible Giveaway?

Hi guys n_n
On Saturday I went into town to go shopping and I'm soooo glad because TOPSHOP had a over half off sale on accessories O_O and I just had to get something since there were a lot of stuff perfect for festival and I'm going to one in July at Hype park, London >.<

So on to the goods.....
The first one is one that I have been searching for: A chunky cross necklace^^ as soon as I saw it I was like 'Ahhh I have to get it'
I super love the turquoise stone in the middle >.<

It has a mixture of gold and silver chains so I will go will almost anything !!

It was originally £10 but I only paid.....

£3.50 BARGIN 

So on to my next Item: A Bracelet

This one was originally £12.50, it was put in the sales rack but it didn't have a sticker on it so I asked the girl at the check out and it was actually also £3.50 :O so that proves it never hurt to ask ;) 

Fashion Fix..
To go with this bracelet I will probably wear it with these
Wooden beads (came in a pack of lots of others- bday present) are from New Look
Feather bracelet is from Primark (You can't shop online)
The other two came in a set from Accessorize

And before I forget: this week I received some things I bought from eBay and I got some freebie with some eyelid tapes that I purchased ^^ 
Sorry that they are upside down *_* I didnt realise :L but anyways the bottom one is No 030 and top one is No 075 and personally I think 075 is too much and would probably cut it in half and use them as half lashes ^^ But anyways on to the giveaway part- I wasn't sure if I should do a giveaway on them is because the plastic lids are pretty damaged.... you can see better in the next picture 

Also bearing in mind that they wouldn't be good quality since they were free so should I do a giveaway on them? since I noticed they can be a potential dupe to the lashes I use in the first picture of this post (the makeup tutorial is gonna be up soon ^^) or should I keep hold of them and do a tutorial using them ?? I donno. So comment with your opinions please >.< 

don't forget to join my current MASSIVE international giveaway y'all ;)

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